A new newsletter from Friends

Posted On: October 19th, 2011 by jan

At last you can read more about our  Friends and our Projects in Iganga.  Just click on ‘News’ in the top bar, then click on ‘Oct 2011’  for the latest newsletter.  You can see all copies of the newsletter back to Feb  2008 too. Happy reading!

Nassar and his Graduation

Posted On: June 27th, 2011 by jan

Nassar graduates at Mukono Christian University this Friday the 1st July. Following 3 years of study supported by Iganga Friends with most of the funding raised by Lizzie and her friends especially those at Daily Bread Cooperative and the Strive Charity in Northampton. Thanks so much to them, they should be so proud of the achievements of Nassar which would not have been possible without their fund raising.

I hope to bring more news and photos of this event as soon as I can.

Peter Minhinnett

Peter Min met Margaret our blind friend …

Posted On: June 27th, 2011 by jan

Margaret Adongo our friend we met at the Blind Centre in Iganga many years ago, is having problems as she still does not earn any money. I think she is still waiting for exam results and will then have to wait for registration with the education board before she will be paid to teach. She is looked after by friends at the school where she lives in Bugiri some 30k from Iganga east towards Kenya. Iganga Friends support her when we can and we gave her funds for transport recently so she could visit her sister who lives in a Refugee camp near Gulu in northern Uganda. I spent sometime with Margaret when I was in Iganga in April she was so happy considering her problems. She sends her love and greetings to all Friends. I hope to post a photo soon.

Peter Min

Peter Min adds …

Posted On: June 16th, 2011 by jan


Great to hear we are making the effort to update and use the site. I will post some news about Iganga soon, following my recent visit in April. News about:
1. Nassars pending Graduation.
2. Fahad the latest son of Muzamiru.
3. Gideon, Ruths brother is helping with work for Water for kids.
4. Ruth is a Councillor at the new Iganga Municipal Council, and Muzamirus friend Steven is also a Councillor.
5. Paul at the Blind Centre says hullo and is happy with his recently painted house and new latrine we built in July 2010.
6. Margaret the Blind Girl needs our help, more news on this soon.
More to follow
Any comments and news from Members and supporters?
We hope to update projects and other pages soon.
Hoping to see you maybe in Iganga soon?

Peter Minhinnett

Friends’ website

Posted On: June 14th, 2011 by jan

We need your help to update and improve our website.  Please use this blog to post your comments, news or questions about Friends’ work. It is our intention to keep you informed of what is going on but you can encourage this by getting involved too.

If you have visited Iganga recently maybe you could excite others about your trip. There will be many more opportunities to join a group to go out to Uganda – just tell us when you wish to travel.

Those who haven’t already heard, the container eventually arrived in Iganga and we have had thanks from Iganga Friends of Daventry (IFOD) who received goods.

We look forward to your comments. Just click on the heading that you wish to add your comment to and write away.

Thank you!

Hands On in Iganga

Posted On: November 4th, 2010 by jan

On 4th December many folk braved the freezing weather to attend Hands On in St Augustine’s Church Hall in Daventry.   Well done to all those who left their warm homes on such a terrible night!

We heard from chairman Peter Minhinnett about the projects achieved in and around Iganga during 2010. After a good supper, David Walsh told us more, with pictures,  about recent activities. He has only just returned from Uganda after a 3 week stay. He was there with wife Barbara, primarily to receive the container and make sure each of its contents  found the correct new home. It was to be expected that it would arrive late  in Iganga!  It did eventually get there but only just in time – the day before they were due to leave and return home!

However, with help from friends at the orphanage and others, they spent a very long day emptying the container, and began distributing the goods.  We really do need to discuss whether we send another container in the future.

David and Barbara arrived back in England safely but very, very tired and cold too!

Emery Mbaha, our latest Commonwealth Scholar, has been in England for the last 3 months. He gave a presentation about his visit. He will be glad to get back home to some Ugandan sunshine in another week! The experience he has gained, working in areas of Environmental Health in various District Councils,  should help him as he moves to his new job, as Senior Environmental Health Officer at the Ministry of Health, in Kampala, on his return home. It has been great hosting Emmy and we wish him well in his new position.

Look out for our next social event coming in the new year.

Jan Morrott

Filling the container for Iganga

Posted On: September 14th, 2010 by jan

Eight  hardy folk arrived at the unit early today, Sept 14th, to sort the masses of items ready for when the 20ft  container arrived at 9.30am. First the hospital beds went in. They were so awkward and heavy but we managed (even without the help of strong Nick who chose his holiday rather wisely?)

Inside the container

After two hours the container was filling up

... and then Dave brought a fork lift truck to help lift some very heavy crates. Thank you Dave!

... nearly there but we still got loads more in!

Soon after 3pm some extremely tired Friends watched as a very full container of beds,  wheel chairs, crutches, zimmer frames,  supplies and more for the hospital left to begin the long trip to Africa. There were lots of educational items too  for our link schools. Boxes and boxes of books and  paper and even chalk that they still use on their blackboards were packed in.
We think that by now every old heavy Singer sewing machine must have found its way into Africa but if you happen to know where one is hiding do let us know. Many more are travelling there on our container right now!

Second ever blog.

Posted On: September 13th, 2010 by jude

Well!  I thought I’d be the first person to write a blog for the site and then discover that Jan has already written one.  Typical!  I did think that mine had more information even though it might be a bit late for most of you to respond.  We’ll get better at it.  I’ve got to go and find my umbrella and water resistant clothing as well as a bag of sugar for my coffee.  We’ll try and take some photos so that you can see all the work that is involved with loading a container.  I can see why one of my brother’s broke three of his ribs.  Some Eddons will do anything to get out of doing any work.  Keep watching this site.  You never know what you might learn.  Jude.

First ever blog

Posted On: September 13th, 2010 by jude

This is Jude and I’m writing my first ever official blog.  We’re hoping to load the container tomorrow, starting at some unearthly hour.  Hopefully it won’t rain but the chances are that it will.  I would like to be at the other end when they unpack the container.  Wouldn’t that be lovely?  If you read this in time, be at the unit at 8.30am, Tuesday 14th September, 2010.  There!  A blog with information!  I’ll finish and sign off.  Jude.


Posted On: September 13th, 2010 by jan

We will be packing the container tomorrow!! Anyone out there who can come along and help – please do. The more the merrier!

The container will be sent out to Iganga and hopefully will arrive in time for Dave to be there to help unpack.    Jan